Start making pages with Adobe Pagemill. Get addicted to Photoshop. Try video editing using Premiere. Burn music off Napster. Get an ipod. (Regret not buying Apple stock then) Start grad school. Learn Adobe Director. Form Ecolgoik while still in grad school. Begin working for IUPUI. Attend Adobe conference in Salt Lake City. Mind blown! Create stand-alone CD Rom applications. Watch Flash fade away. Fall in love with Big Data and databases. Move from Access to MySQL to SQL and back. Team up with Jackson Sky Design. Immerse myself in jQuery. Dabble with Tableau. Along the way, acquire smart beautiful wife and produce 2 smart beautiful daughters. Take on Ecologik full time. Currently work with dog underfoot.

Ecologik founder, Jon Eynon, went to college to study fish, but fell into computers-- hook, line and sinker! The computer boom was just starting as he was beginning his Masters in Biology, and his astute advisor guided him into the burgeoning field. He began to wear shoes to work, and learned how to talk tech to non-techies—something he’s very good at. Luckily, he was always surrounded by a large group of early adopters who gave him free rein at solving problems. He doesn’t believe in: “You can’t do that.”